Sunday, October 18, 2009

Latin Mass in St. Peter's

Reported here:
[Raymond] Burke, formerly Bishop of La Crosse, Wisconsin, and Archbishop of St. Louis, Missouri, now the head of the Apostolic Signature of the Holy See, celebrated a solemn High Mass according to the old rite at 9:45 this morning in the Chapel of the Most Holy Sacrament in St. Peter's Basilica (photo by Angela Ambrogetti,who writes for Inside the Vatican and who attended the Mass)...

It was the first time a solemn High Mass according to the old rite has been celebrated in St. Peter's Basilica since 1969, 40 years ago.

Many low old rite Masses have been celebrated in different chapels of the basilica over the years, especially in the past two years since the promulgation on July 7, 2007, of Summorum Pontificum, Pope Benedict's motu proprio calling for wider celebration of the old Mass.

But this was the first High Mass in the old rite.

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